Glory Skincare

Glory Skincare

I am passionate about health and wellness and I believe it’s not only limited to what’s within, but also includes taking care of the skin you’re in. Everyday, we make choices about the skin products we use – from lotions to perfumes and deodorants – but we rarely give much attention to the ingredients in them. The journey to truly investing in yourself starts with the decision to put your health first.

That’s where Glory Pits come in …
Glory pits was birthed out of my desire for a friendly alternative to commercial deodorants when I learned how harmful some of their ingredients are. I decided to create an all-natural, vegan, quality deodorant. Glory Pits works to support your body to optimise wellness while doing what a great deodorant should do.

Start each day by being kind to yourself and your body. So you can journey through each day Gloriously!
From me to you.


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