Becoming a Brand on MACOB


Macob is a premier online marketplace for Authentic Organic Vegan Beauty Care. We seek to use our platform to help customers become more familiar and loyal to your brand while celebrating the vibrancy of Africa. Help us in our mission to transform the perception of Africa through the spirit of Nature.

Conditions for selling your items on the MACOB

Thank you for taking an interest in sell you beautiful product with us. Your product will be showcased on our website and on our social media platform.

  • Macob is a curated marketplace has full control over which pieces it chooses to display. This means items you upload have the right to be rejected and is under our discretion.
  • You are always free to email if you do not understand why your item had been rejected.
  • Brands has up to 2 days to send to the customer, upon purchased items. If you feel you can not meet these deadlines, please contact the Macob team asap.
  • Brands are paid for items once it has shipped to the customer.


Your payments

Once an order is placed and paid, you will receive your money within 48h via:

  • Your PayPal account
  • Transfer in your Bank 
  • NOTE: Customers who buy via PayPal are allowed 7 days to return items.


  • A minimum of x3 picture per product
  • Main product image should be with white background (see example below)
  • The product can be photographed at Macob Offices for free.
  • Macob will use the images for social media advertising and promotional purposed.

Fee’s for selling on the MACOB platform include:

    • Macob takes 15% revenue on all sales
    • Free setup fees
    • No monthly fees
    • No hidden fees


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