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Bloggers, YouTubers, influencer you are all invited to the affiliate for Macob Organic Lifestyle. We welcome you to try our products, give honest feedback, and spread the words. 

Feel free to contact us about how you want to feature our brands and we will support you! 

By letting your followers know more about us we give you an affiliation fee of up to 15% of every purchase. 

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   Brands supplier   


MACOB is proud to provide the most natural organic and artisanal beauty care. We appreciate all of the brands who contact us and want to sell and promote products to our customers and their skin needs.

We constantly add new products and ranges, so if you are a brand and have skincare, beauty, cosmetic products you would like to see on our website please let us know. Similarly, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch.

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   Press & Marketing   


Press is important to us we’re always keen to have interviews and Presentations on the benefits of natural, ethical beauty products, and organic lifestyle.  To have a chat about how to feature MACOB, do contact us via email or phone.