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Sey-Beauté Naturelle Matte lipstick is made of natural vegetable oils and waxes to help moisturize your lips and provide a lush finish.

Sey-Beauté Naturelle Lipsticks 100% Vegan.

Toxic Free:

None of our lipsticks were made from Carmine (made from dried, ground-up red beetles), beeswax, lanolin or any other animal derivatives.



Product Description


Each of the lipstick has an earthy tone to all of them. The difference between Sey-Beauté Naturelle Matte lipstick comparing to others is that they won’’t come off easily, therefore, giving that Matte finish but very easy to take off. Hence it prevents you from rubbing the lipstick off which can e harsh to the skin.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, EcoSoya Wax, Earth Mica, Kaoline Clay, Dimethicone and Isododecane.

Comes in 6 different colors:

Red Pink 16



Dark Earthy Red 06
Dark Brownish Red 07
Golden Brown 08

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Sey Beaute Naturelle


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